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!!! This Project Has Been Discontinued !!!

If you want to fork it and improve it, be my guest.

CacheViewer Continued

CacheViewer Continued is a Firefox add-on that makes dealing with the browser cache much easier than the built-in "about:cache" page. With CacheViewer Continued you can preview images, view details of cache entries, save files from the cache elsewhere, and delete files from the cache.

For full details and acknowledgments, see the Overview page.

Notice For Users Of Version 0.8 And Earlier

With the rewrite to support Firefox 18 an later, the add-on has changed significantly. Therefore, if you have version 0.8 or earlier installed, you should completely remove the add-on before installing version 0.9.1 or later.

Reporting Bugs

Please include messages logged to the error console when submitting bug reports.

  1. Close CacheViewer Continued
  2. Open the error console (Tools > Web Developer > Error Console)
  3. Clear the currently logged messages
  4. Open CacheViewer Continued
    • Do whatever causes the bug
  5. Copy any logged messages, or take a screenshot of them, and attach them with your bug report


If you are a developer that would like to contribute to CacheViewer Continued, please keep the following style guide in mind:

  • Indentation is 2 spaces per level (expand tabs to spaces)
  • Declare variables at the beginning of functions
  • Show variable types with literals in the declaration
  • Lines end with a semi-colon
  • Wrap to 80 characters except for extenuating circumstances
  • We use JSHint with the es5 option enabled

In general, just browse the current code to get a feel for it. I'm not going to reject submissions simply because they violate any of the above, but it will make my job easier if you follow them as closely as possible.