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WinLN / Usage Overview

Usage Overview

WinLN has two modes, "File Links" and "Dir Links". The File Links mode is used for managing file based symbolic links, and the Dir Links mode is for managing directory based links.

To create a file link, simply supply a "WinLN Name", choose the source file and the destination file (which can be named anything you like), and then click the create button. This is shown in Figure A.

Figure A Figure A

The "WinLN Name" does not affect the name of the symbolic link. This name is used in the list of links managed by WinLN. You can view, and delete, any link created with WinLN by selecting its WinLN Name from the list. This is shown in Figure B.

Figure B Figure B

Dir Links work much the same way as File Links. There are two differences, though:

1. You choose a parent directory for the destination link instead of the final link name. 2. You can supply a link name that will be added to the destination link.

Figure C shows choosing a source directory. Figure D shows the creation of a new name for the link. And Figure E shows the details of this Dir Link.

Figure C Figure C

Figure D Figure D

Figure E Figure E