piler.conf missing on new installation

Issue #830 resolved
Andreas Andersson created an issue

I'm testing a new installation of piler 1.3.0 on centos7, and there seems to be a problem creating the file /usr/local/etc/piler/piler.conf The "make install" does not create the file, and "make postinstall" gives this error message: "sed: can't read /usr/local/etc/piler/piler.conf: No such file or directory"

piler-1.2.0 installs perfectly on the same setup so could it be a bug with 1.3.0? I attach the "/root/piler-1.3.0/etc/Makefile" and "/root/piler-1.2.0/etc/Makefile" because they look different, maybe some clues in there.

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  1. Janos SUTO repo owner

    By default the make install copies piler.conf.dist file. I'll check and fix the postinstall procedure.

  2. Janos SUTO repo owner

    Try the following fix: in util/postinstall.sh script in the sed line try to replace piler,conf with piler.conf.dist, then try again.

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