pilerimport IMAP username cannot contain spaces

Issue #952 closed
Bill Gaston created an issue

Using pilerimport with an IMAP account that contains a space in the username results in the error "login failed, server reponse: A1 BAD LOGIN Unexpected Extra arguments". Putting the username in single or double quotes does not resolve the issue. Workaround is to use double quotes inside of single quotes: e.g. pilerimport -i mailserver -u '"First Last"' -p 'password' -P 993

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  1. Janos SUTO repo owner

    I have a hard time understanding why a username needs whitespace inside. Anyway I believe this should be not a bug, rather a FAQ entry. If you agreed then I would add it to to FAQ, and close this issue.

  2. Bill Gaston reporter

    This is fine for the FAQ, since the extra quotes seems to resolve it. This particular IMAP account is a journal and doesn't have an email address, so the only way to login is with the full name, which of course includes a space.

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