Hakan Ardo avatar Hakan Ardo committed 073665c

Retracing does not fail in the same set of situations as before. In test_getattr_promote we previously got an retrace that was never used. Now it is not even passed to the backend

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             jump(p0, p1, p2, p3, p4, p5, i13, i11, i8, descr=...)
         assert loop0.match(expected)
-        assert loop1.match(expected)
+        # XXX: The retracing fails to form a loop since j
+        # becomes constant 0 after the bridge and constant 1 at the end of the
+        # loop. A bridge back to the peramble is produced instead.        
+        #assert loop1.match(expected)
     def test_factorial(self):
         def fact(n):


         log = self.run(main, [1000])
         assert log.result == main(1000)
         loops = log.loops_by_filename(self.filepath)
-        assert len(loops) == 2
+        assert len(loops) == 1
         for loop in loops:
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