Armin Rigo avatar Armin Rigo committed 7e98ea1

Fix. This is also a bug on trunk, actually, but because the
stack checking is only done after CALL_ASSEMBLER, then %ebp
has still a not-too-incorrect value...

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                 mc.MOVSD_sx(8*i, i)     # xmm0 to xmm7
         if IS_X86_32:
-            mc.LEA_rb(eax.value, +8)
             stack_size += 2*WORD
             mc.PUSH_r(eax.value)        # alignment
-            mc.PUSH_r(eax.value)
+            mc.PUSH_r(esp.value)
         elif IS_X86_64:
-            mc.LEA_rb(edi.value, +16)
+            mc.MOV_rr(edi.value, esp.value)
         # esp is now aligned to a multiple of 16 again
         jnz_location = mc.get_relative_pos()
         if IS_X86_32:
-            mc.ADD_ri(esp.value, 2*WORD)
+            mc.ADD_ri(esp.value, 2*WORD)    # cancel the two PUSHes above
         elif IS_X86_64:
             # restore the registers
             for i in range(7, -1, -1):
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