Armin Rigo committed b43f4ac

Translation fix.

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 def compile_started_vars(clt):
     if not hasattr(clt, '_debug_argtypes'):    # only when compiling the loop
-        clt._debug_argtypes = [v.concretetype for v in _variables]
+        argtypes = [v.concretetype for v in _variables]
+        try:
+            clt._debug_argtypes = argtypes
+        except AttributeError:    # when translated
+            pass
 def compile_add(loop, opnum):
     loop = _from_opaque(loop)
     (loop_target, target_opindex, target_inputargs, target_clt
         ) = TARGET_TOKENS[descrobj]
-    assert source_clt._debug_argtypes == target_clt._debug_argtypes
+    try:
+        assert source_clt._debug_argtypes == target_clt._debug_argtypes
+    except AttributeError:   # when translated
+        pass
     op = loop.operations[-1]
     op.jump_target = loop_target
 setannotation(compile_start_int_var, annmodel.SomeInteger())
 setannotation(compile_start_ref_var, annmodel.SomeInteger())
 setannotation(compile_start_float_var, annmodel.SomeInteger())
+setannotation(compile_started_vars, annmodel.s_None)
 setannotation(compile_add, annmodel.s_None)
 setannotation(compile_add_descr, annmodel.s_None)
 setannotation(compile_add_descr_arg, annmodel.s_None)
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