Armin Rigo committed dbe437d

redirect_call_assembler() fix.

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         # we overwrite the instructions at the old _x86_direct_bootstrap_code
         # to start with a JMP to the new _x86_direct_bootstrap_code.
         # Ideally we should rather patch all existing CALLs, but well.
-        oldadr = oldlooptoken._x86_direct_bootstrap_code
-        target = newlooptoken._x86_direct_bootstrap_code
+        oldadr = oldlooptoken._x86_function_addr
+        target = newlooptoken._x86_function_addr
         mc = codebuf.MachineCodeBlockWrapper()
+        assert mc.get_relative_pos() <= 13  #keep in sync with consider_label()
     def dump(self, text):


                 nonfloatlocs[i] = loc
             if isinstance(loc, RegLoc):
+        #
+        # if we are too close to the start of the loop, the label's target may
+        # get overridden by redirect_call_assembler().  (rare case)
+        while < 13:
+        #
         descr._x86_arglocs = nonfloatlocs, floatlocs
         descr._x86_loop_code =
         descr._x86_clt = self.assembler.current_clt
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