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Hum, previous commit was meant to establish a connection ONCE and for all, not once for EACH connection... Never work late a Friday :D

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 import json
 import logging
-import threading
 from datetime import datetime, timedelta, tzinfo
 import boto
         """Return the DynamoDB connection for the mapper
         if self._connection is None:
-            self._connections = boto.connect_dynamodb(
+            self._connection = boto.connect_dynamodb(
-        return self._connections
+        return self._connection
     def _create_autoincrement_magic_item(self, table):
         item = table.new_item(hash_key=MAGIC_KEY, attrs={


         self.assertEquals(borg2._aws_secret_access_key, aws_secret_access_key)
+    def test_get_connection(self, m_boto):
+        CONNECTION = "JJG"
+        REGION = "La bas, tout est neuf et tout est sauvage."
+        KEY_ID = "foo"
+        KEY_VALUE = "bar"
+        m_boto.connect_dynamodb.return_value = "JJG"
+        borg1 = ConnectionBorg()
+        borg2 = ConnectionBorg()
+        borg1._region = REGION
+        borg1._aws_access_key_id = KEY_ID
+        borg1._aws_secret_access_key = KEY_VALUE
+        self.assertIsNone(borg1._connection)
+        self.assertEqual(CONNECTION, borg2._get_connection())
+        self.assertEqual(CONNECTION, borg1._get_connection())
+        self.assertEqual(CONNECTION, borg1._connection)
+        m_boto.connect_dynamodb.assert_called_once_with(
+                aws_access_key_id=KEY_ID,
+                aws_secret_access_key=KEY_VALUE,
+                region=REGION,
+                )
+    @mock.patch("dynamodb_mapper.model.boto")
     def test_set_region_valid(self, m_boto):
         # Make sure internal state is set and shared
         m_regions = [
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