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Dynamodb-mapper -- a DynamoDB object mapper, based on boto.


DynamoDB is a minimalistic NoSQL engine provided by Amazon as a part of their AWS product.

DynamoDB allows you to stores documents composed of unicode strings or numbers as well as sets of unicode strings and numbers. Each tables must define a hash key and may define a range key. All other fields are optional.

Dynamodb-mapper brings a tiny abstraction layer over DynamoDB to overcome some of the limitations with no performance compromise. It is highly inspired by the mature MoongoKit project


The documentation currently assumes that you're running Boto 2.3.0 or later. If you're not, then the API for query and scan changes. You will have to supply raw condition dicts, as is done in boto itself.

Also note that Boto 2.3.1 or later is required for autoincrement_int hash keys. Earlier versions will fail.

We assume you've correctly set your Boto credentials.

Example usage

Quick install

$ pip install dynamodb-mapper

If you have not yet configured Boto, you may simply

$ export AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID=<your id key here>
$ export AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY=<your secret key here>

First Model

from dynamodb_mapper.model import DynamoDBModel

class DoomMap(DynamoDBModel):
    __table__ = u"doom_map"
    __hash_key__ = u"episode"
    __range_key__ = u"map"
    __schema__ = {
        u"episode": int,
        u"map": int,
        u"name": unicode,
        u"cheats": set,
    __defaults__ = {
        "cheats": set([u"Konami"]),

Initial Table creation

from dynamodb_mapper.model import ConnectionBorg

conn = ConnectionBorg()
conn.create_table(DoomMap, 10, 10, wait_for_active=True)

Model Usage

e1m1 = DoomMap()
e1m1.episode = 1
e1m1.map = 1
e1m1.name = u"Hangar"
e1m1.cheats = set([u"idkfa", u"iddqd", u"idclip"])

# Later on, retrieve that same object from the DB...
e1m1 = DoomMap.get(1, 1)

# query all maps of episode 1
e1_maps = DoomMap.query(hash_key=1)

# query all maps of episode 1 with 'map' hash_key > 5
from boto.dynamodb.condition import GT
e1_maps_after_5 = DoomMap.query(


Want to contribute, report a but of request a feature ? The development goes on at Ludia's BitBucket account: