sqlalchemy / test / aaa_profiling /

from sqlalchemy import *
from test.lib import *
from sqlalchemy.pool import QueuePool
from sqlalchemy import pool as pool_module

class QueuePoolTest(fixtures.TestBase, AssertsExecutionResults):
    __requires__ = 'cpython',

    class Connection(object):
        def rollback(self):

        def close(self):

    def teardown(self):
        # the tests leave some fake connections
        # around which dont necessarily
        # get gc'ed as quickly as we'd like,
        # on backends like pypy, python3.2

    def setup(self):
        global pool
        pool = QueuePool(creator=self.Connection,
                         pool_size=3, max_overflow=-1,

    # the callcount on this test seems to vary
    # based on tests that ran before (particularly py3k),
    # probably
    # due to the event mechanics being established
    # or not already...
    @profiling.function_call_count(72, {'2.4': 68, '2.7':75,
    def test_first_connect(self):
        conn = pool.connect()

    def test_second_connect(self):
        conn = pool.connect()

        @profiling.function_call_count(32, {'2.4': 21, '2.7':29,
        def go():
            conn2 = pool.connect()
            return conn2
        c2 = go()

    def test_second_samethread_connect(self):
        conn = pool.connect()

        @profiling.function_call_count(6, {'2.4': 4, '3':7})
        def go():
            return pool.connect()
        c2 = go()
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