New High-Contrast-Mode issue with dialog after pressing F5 to reload

Issue #137 resolved
Martin Lemburg
created an issue

Hi, With my eye disabilities I work in high-contrast-mode using the high-contrast-#1 design/theme. So I have as default colors: text: yellow window: black frames: white etc.

Since the last update of WinMerge the dialog, popping up after pressing F5 to reload changed files, has black text on the defaulted black window background.

Please ensure to use no explicite coloring in the UI, since such accessibility features like high-contrast-mode rely on the use of the system colors!

Here a screenshot of the dialog how it looks now:

F5 Reload Dialog

The screenshot was made on a Windows 7 system with WinMerge 0.2011.007.347, so it may vary on more modern Windows 10 systems.

Could you please take a look?

Best regards,

Martin Lemburg

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