CPL installer blocked by Windows Defender

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Mat M
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Trying to run the CPL installer, I got blocked by Windows Defender because of "unrecognized app" (see attachment). So it seems that something has been done to monitor unexpected CPL files.

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  1. Mat M reporter

    Yes, it works.

    The "More info" was not underlined, I didn't expect it to hold a link. Thanks for the information. IMO, it should be added to the README.

  2. Marco Martins

    Windows Defender quarantined the downloader executable inside the windows installer folder, so when I clicked next an error appeared saying that a script was not found. I closed the installation, opened it again, Windows Defender quarantined the same file but this time I restored it. Afterwards, everything went ok.

  3. Gaƫl Lhez


    I remember having the same problem on Windows 10 and I remember I could ignore the error by getting the file property and unticking the "Protect" from the first page. The "Run Aniway" on the Window Defender was not doing anything.

    Hope it help (even though that won't fix the issue at core !).

    Regards, G.

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