"Include Subfolders" doesn't seem to work?

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Issue #4 open
DJF3 created an issue

When I compare the following folders that have identical files, no identical files are found. "Include subfolders" is checked.

--- No identical files found:



--- Identical files found:

C:\Test-A\Pictures (this folder contains the same images as test_B)


Result So when specifying the \Test_A\Pictures folder which contains the images they are found and marked as identical but when comparing with the \Test_A\ folder they are not seen as identical.

Any ideas?

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  1. jtuc repo owner

    Checking "Include subfolders" causes WinMerge to compare the contents of subfolders with same name against each other. So if there was also a folder C:\Test_B\Pictures, comparing C:\Test_A\ against C:\Test_B\ would cause C:\Test-A\Pictures\ to be compared against C:\Test_B\Pictures\ as well. This is how the feature is designed to work.

    Your use case may be better addressed by "Duplicate File Finder" kind of programs.

  2. jtuc repo owner

    Reopening as enhancement. The requested feature makes a lot of sense in a situation where files on both sides are uniquely identifiable by their names. Could be controlled through an additional checkbox in Open dialog which is only enabled when "Include subfolders" is checked. That checkbox could be labeled "ignore folder structure", or maybe just "flat" if that is descriptive enough. I don't promise to do it any time soon. Smells like hacking DirScan once more, which is not necessarily a joyful task.

  3. Former user Account Deleted

    Absolutely, glad that you saw this case... I have a lot of files that are uniquely identifiable by their name, size or a combination. Would love to see the "ignore folder structure" ;-) I'm pretty sure early-early releases of Winmerge worked like this (ignoring folder structure) but I'm not 100% sure.

  4. Former user Account Deleted

    I never saw any version of winmerge that worked like that. It is an interesting idea. What do you do when you have multiple files with the same name on the same side, in different folders?

  5. jtuc repo owner

    The assumed precondition for this feature to yield reasonable results is that files are uniquely identifiable by their names, or, as suggested in posting 4, by a combination of name and size. The date comes in as a third possible criterion. If that precondition is not met, WinMerge could still match the duplicate files in some deterministic order, albeit at the risk of matching unrelated files.

  6. jtuc repo owner

    The option to ignore folder structure when comparing recursively is implemented in experimental release 0.2011.002.145. See release notes shown during setup for details on how to use it.

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