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  * Look in aesub(5) for more information about command substitutions.
-build_command = "python1.5 ${Source} -Y${SUBSTitute : \\ -Y $Search_Path} date='${DAte %Y/%m/%d %H:%M:%S}' developer=${DEVeloper} version=${VERsion} change=${Change}";
+build_command = "python2.1 ${Source} -Y${SUBSTitute : \\ -Y $Search_Path} date='${DAte %Y/%m/%d %H:%M:%S}' developer=${DEVeloper} version=${VERsion} change=${Change}";
  * SCons removes its targets before constructing them, which qualifies it
  * is set appropriately during a baseline test.  So we just use the
  * proper aesub variable to comment out the expanded $spe.
-test_command = "python1.5 ${Source Absolute} -p tar-gz -t -v ${SUBSTitute '\\.[CD][0-9]+$' '' ${VERsion}} -q --sp ${Search_Path} --spe ${Search_Path_Executable} ${File_Name}";
+test_command = "python1.5 ${Source Absolute} --noqmtest -p tar-gz -t -v ${SUBSTitute '\\.[CD][0-9]+$' '' ${VERsion}} -q --sp ${Search_Path} --spe ${Search_Path_Executable} ${File_Name}";
-batch_test_command = "python1.5 ${Source Absolute} -p tar-gz -t -v ${SUBSTitute '\\.[CD][0-9]+$' '' ${VERsion}} -o ${Output} --aegis  --sp ${Search_Path} --spe ${Search_Path_Executable} ${File_Names}";
+batch_test_command = "python1.5 ${Source Absolute} --noqmtest -p tar-gz -t -v ${SUBSTitute '\\.[CD][0-9]+$' '' ${VERsion}} -o ${Output} --aegis  --sp ${Search_Path} --spe ${Search_Path_Executable} ${File_Names}";
 new_test_filename = "test/";
 		body = "${read_file ${source template/ abs}}";
+ * Command for distributing changes from Aegis to all of the repositories
+ * we want to mirror the information.
+ *
+ * XXX Uncomment after upgrading to an Aegis version that supports this.
+integrate_pass_notify_command =
+        "$sh ${s bin/scons-cdist} -p $project $change";
+ *
+ */