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+mvn -DMAVEN_OPTS="-Xmx1024m -Xms512m" clean install -Pproduction -Dmaven.test.skip=true


+        <format>zip</format>


                       <arg value="--releaseDir" />
                       <arg value="${project.build.directory}/dojo-compiled" />
-                   <!--  <delete includeEmptyDirs="true" verbose="false">
+                    <delete includeEmptyDirs="true" verbose="true">
                       <fileset dir="${project.build.directory}/dojo-compiled/2.0/dojo" includes="tests/**/" />
                       <fileset dir="${project.build.directory}/dojo-compiled/2.0/dojo" includes="**/tests/**/" />
                       <fileset dir="${project.build.directory}/dojo-compiled/2.0/dojo" includes="**/demos/**/" />
                       <fileset dir="${project.build.directory}/dojo-compiled/2.0" includes="**/package.json" />
                       <fileset dir="${project.build.directory}/dojo-compiled/2.0" includes="**/package.js" />
                       <fileset dir="${project.build.directory}/dojo-compiled/2.0" includes="build-report.txt" />
-                    </delete> -->
+                    </delete>
                     <echo message="ENCUESTAME :: Dojo AMD optimized ::" />
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