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Merge branch 'dianmorales' into development

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         final String pathFileName = file.getName().toString();
         final String ext = SearchUtils.getExtension(pathFileName);
         final Document doc = this.getDocument(file, ext);
-        log.debug("Adding document..." + doc);
+        this.indexWriterManager.openIndexWriter();
+        log.debug("Indexing Files *******************");
+        //log.debug("Adding document..." + doc);
         if (doc == null) {
             log.warn("Document is null for this file: "+file.getAbsolutePath());
         } else {
     * @throws IOException
     public void close() throws IOException {
+        this.indexWriterManager.getIndexWriter().commit();

     <!-- Open and Close Lucene Index Directory to write and index information -->
-    <beans:bean name="indexWriter" class="" scope="singleton"/>
+    <beans:bean name="indexWriter" class="" scope="prototype"/>
     <beans:bean name="indexerManager" class="" scope="prototype"> </beans:bean>
     <beans:bean name="searchManager" class="" scope="singleton"></beans:bean>
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