encuestame / README.txt


If you want to build and deploy from source follow these instructions:

Fast Deploy

encuestame have 4 modules

 encuestame-utils: Bean utils
 encuestame-core: Core encuestame project
 encuestame-mvc: Controller module
 encuestame-war:  The encuestame webapp, create war and jetty server
 encuestame-web:  Beans for webapp, (JSF, RichFaces and Webflow Beans)

To checkout the last source code version run this.

    svn co encuestame

If you want only code without versions

    svn export encuestame

Building this version requires Apache Maven 2 to build. Version 2.0.10 or higher is suggested.

After get source code is necesary move to top level and  run following command:

    ant build - to get dojo source code, maybe you need change parameters on

    mvn install - to install app

After doing this, you can run jetty server running following command:

    cd encuestame-war/
    mvn jetty:run

If you want deploy on webcontainer you can find WAR file on (after run mvn install on top level):