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What this program does

... to be done ...

Current version

v1.0.0 -- MD5 6e84474cfc6c352697949c6775cd26ba


  1. Checkout the source and enjoy it.
  2. Or go to Download section and get the Windows Installer. In this case no Python installation is required.

Verify signatures

md5sum -c checksums.md5
gpg --verify autocorrection-setup.exe.asc


This is a console application, it comes with no GUI at all.

See this page for details on using the application.

See this page for details on integration into a source code control tool.

Command line parameters:

usage: AutoCorrection v1.0.0 [-h] [-c CONFIGFILE] [-f FOLDER] [-n] [-v]

Correct source code expressions regarding case sensitivity. This tool helps VB
and VBA developers to use source code control in the usual way. Otherwise
VB(A) tends to change the case of some words at will.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -c CONFIGFILE, --configfile CONFIGFILE
                        File to declare auto corrections and files to be
                        parsed. Default = autocorrection.ini in current
  -f FOLDER, --folder FOLDER
                        Working folder. Default = current folder
  -n, --noerror         Do not communicate any error, i.e. never return "files
                        changed" error code (1).
  -v, --version         Print version information and terminate.