Welcome to my VB and VBA code library

(Für die deutsche Begrüßungsseite hier klicken)

This Visual Basic source code library (VB and VBA, but not yet VB-Dotnet) contains many small functions and some classes to solve certain problems, that may have troubled you in the past. Please take a look at the Index to hopefully find what you need.

Although thoroughly tested, no code can ever be guaranteed for being bug-free. If you find a bug, please add it to the issue tracker of this project, or make a fork, correct it and send me a pull request.

Code highlighting

As I said above this code is not surely suitable for Visual Basic Dotnet. Nevertheless I adjusted the Bitbucket settings to "VB.Net", because this is quite the closest code highlighting setting that may fit.


I decided to distribute this code unter the GNU Lesser General Public License. Although available for free, I cannot guarantee that it will fit your personal needs.

I would appreciate it, if you would include a link to this code library in any copy of my functions. For your convenience, I have already prepared this in the commenting header of any function or class.


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