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Welcome to my VB and VBA code library

(Für die deutsche Begrüßungsseite hier klicken)

This Visual Basic source code library (VB and VBA, but not yet VB-Dotnet) contains many small functions and some classes to solve certain problems, that may have troubled you in the past. Please take a look at the Index to hopefully find what you need.

Although thoroughly tested, no code can ever be guaranteed for being bug-free. If you find a bug, please add it to the issue tracker of this project, or make a fork, correct it and send me a pull request.

Code highlighting

As I said above this code is not surely suitable for Visual Basic Dotnet. Nevertheless I adjusted the Bitbucket settings to "VB.Net", because this is quite the closest code highlighting setting that may fit.


I decided to distribute this code unter the GNU Lesser General Public License. Although available for free, I cannot guarantee that it will fit your personal needs.

I would appreciate it, if you would include a link to this code library in any copy of my functions. For your convenience, I have already prepared this in the commenting header of any function or class.


If you think this code is helpful for you, I'ld appreciate any bitcoin donation to the follwing address: bitcoin:1Mz8FKBXHmk6EcAj3HtWXGusPn3aBNKmmK