Julien Jehannet avatar Julien Jehannet committed cb3a6b1

refresh feature-sdist-make_directory.diff

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 # HG changeset patch
 # User Julien Jehannet <julien@smaf.org>
-# Date 1296380094 -3600
+# Date 1296428422 -3600
 # Node ID 309f6914f393c9109277f1e3189667dcf333096a
-# Parent  7dc4323bb9652aab1667431eb62e25c4236b57a6
+# Parent 22028f4d78bc6a194af9781499b56781c320aad5
 Add new format `files` in source distribution command (sdist). Used in debugging.
 diff --git a/distutils2/_backport/shutil.py b/distutils2/_backport/shutil.py
 --- a/distutils2/_backport/shutil.py
 +++ b/distutils2/_backport/shutil.py
-@@ -328,6 +328,18 @@ def _get_uid(name):
+@@ -365,6 +365,18 @@ def _get_uid(name):
          return result[2]
      return None
  def _make_tarball(base_name, base_dir, compress="gzip", verbose=0, dry_run=0,
                    owner=None, group=None, logger=None):
      """Create a (possibly compressed) tar file from all the files under
-@@ -473,6 +485,7 @@ def _make_zipfile(base_name, base_dir, v
+@@ -496,6 +508,7 @@ def _make_zipfile(base_name, base_dir, v
      return zip_filename
 +    'files': (_make_directory, [], "a directory full of files"),
      'gztar': (_make_tarball, [('compress', 'gzip')], "gzip'ed tar-file"),
      'bztar': (_make_tarball, [('compress', 'bzip2')], "bzip2'ed tar-file"),
-     'ztar':  (_make_tarball, [('compress', 'compress')],
+     'tar':   (_make_tarball, [('compress', None)], "uncompressed tar file"),
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