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Tag Commit Date Download
debian/0.205 fc783f9
debian/0.204 6d39f3d
debian/0.203 3aebf85
debian/0.202 5290af9
debian/0.201 58b528d
debian/0.200 00aebce
debian/0.199 c3ecceb
debian/0.198 cbeb3d9
debian/0.197 0b03abc
debian/0.196 45ca15a
debian/0.195 2d9b15f
debian/0.194 13b9d54
debian/0.193 176fccb
debian/0.192 4fef41f
debian/0.191 bba831c
debian/0.190 0510a53
debian/0.189 d8a92f8
debian/0.188 0a1cf29
debian/0.187 6fd203c
debian/0.186 bb401ba
debian/0.185 7bce693
debian/0.184 380f0e4
debian/0.183 0cfd9ad
debian/0.182 b1399cc
debian/0.181 66cab2c
debian/0.180 8957214
debian/0.179 c3466a5
debian/0.178 faef962
0.177 becce06
debian/0.177 becce06
0.176 a785bdd
0.175 d542672
0.174 ff49c18
0.173 5b7e088
0.172 8fdbbd6
0.171 cd98672
0.170 397152d
0.169 cfff320
0.168 72150f4
0.167 22410fc
0.166 83aa064
debian/0.166 83aa064
0.165 7ea2990
0.164 60d0f1d
0.163 c68da76
release0.162 53cb827
release0.161 d422acd
release0.160 5cc72a6
release0.159 411d8c3
0.158 a7a2f6a
release0.157 198a1b9
release0.156 a377cc5
release0.155 09b7390
release0.154 f689738
release0.153 7d28ce1
release0.152 f67ca4d
release0.151 3d3a232
release0.150 b97db3a
release0.149 8f89776
release0.147 67911aa
release0.146 0d2b8d0
release0.145 46a799d
release0.144 1271440
release0.143 378a1ff
release0.142 d5acfb7
release0.141 54d9788
release0.140 b0807db
release0.139 1ca96ff
release0.138 672c666
release0.137 e0298cd
release0.136 62cf4e3
release0.135 4ad6c38
release0.134 4f9c0ba
release0.133 0f85673
release0.132 5208fdb
release0.131 fe5d0de
release0.130 47be9f2
release0.129 3b3aad5
release0.128 f77f9ec
codefest.pdebuild.paramcheck 4e9f623
codefest.pbuilder.autocleanaptcache 7179568
codefest.pbuilder.experimental cce89ab
release0.127 7ab4721
release0.126 0c9b194
release0.125 6453e0e
release0.124 30d04ce
release0.123 ea60559
release0.122 fe8b58c
release0.121 62aa164
release0.120 420103d
release0.119 b799f74
release0.118 d0e81d2
release0.117 98068b6
release0.116 6be9319
0.115 f83b505
release0.114 e944e61
release0.111 be3bc3e
release0.110 e407829
release0.107 2fa678e
release0.106 c7f7507
release0.105 ae61215
release0.100 e4cf518
release0.98 bb5aa22
release0.87 65247e3
release0.86 ad81852
release0.83 3243103
release0.81 8af4824
release0.79 c43a4f2
release0.78 36c6c63
release0.75 5ccb488
release0.73 02da63c
release0.70 75a5c63
release0.68 86469c6
release0.60 cd156a6
release0.56 f7de5c6
release0.54 3d681c0
release0.53 b910f22
release0.52 691e978
release0.50 2600755
release0.49 4754263
release0.48 a1e429d
release0.47 b7b986d
release0.42 b95fbbb
release0.38 db962eb
release0.37 4996005
release0.36 de540d3
release0.35 b780087
release0.32 2894ec7
release0.31 5b95696
release0.30 4fe823b
release0.29 d4c2887
release0.28 74ba07c
release0.27 0728770
release0.25 b01f255
release0.24 3faf4f1
release0.23 9cf78e4
release0.22 60e9c03
release0.21 3b100b7
release0.20 d20c30b
release0.19 6a7db44
release0.18 ca2af4f
release0.17 0617ce9
release0.16 96e26b7
release0.15 fb8aaff
release0.14 898bef5
release0.13 aefb996
release0.12 967f7a3
release0.11 c26667d
release0.10 5846c17
release0.8 5ad0c1d
release0.7 08d868d
release0.6 cc9bc14
release0.5 5a831df
release0.4 626c73c
release0.3 d0f264c
release0.2 ecaad3f
release0.1 48a8e94
dancerj c18e9a2
Branch Commit Date Download
master 230d7cf
d-p2 04a9d31
d-p1 fd30754
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