This is a Matlab routine to automatically predict creakiness using a model of psychoacoustic roughness.

What is this repository for?

This repository comprises Matlab routines to extract psychoacoustic roughness temporal envelopes for each WAV file in a given directory. To use, please load creakByRoughness.m in Matlab and specify these parameters in the code:

  • A directory where the WAV recordings are located
  • A directory where you want the roughness temporal profiles to be stored
  • Whether to create plots or not
  • Whether to use Praat textgrids

In the latter case, you should also specify the name of the tier and the label that you're interested (an asterisk '*' will match all the labels within the desired tier).

  • Version 0.1

How do I get set up?

  • Dependencies:

This software should work with Matlab version >= (R2016b)
This software is built upon several Matlab libraries (included as subdirectories in here):

  • Covarep (for vocalic activity determination)
  • Mview (for reading Praat TextGrid files)
  • Schrader & Hermes' Roughness model

  • How to run tests

This program receives as arguments a directory where the WAV files are located, a destination folder, a summary file name, and switches for whether to plot the spectrograms and roughness traces, and whether to use automatic vocalic segmentation, Praat text-grids, or no segmentation.

The program outputs a summary file. This file comprises a table with as many rows as WAV files in the input directory, with file name, token duration, and number of creakiness candidates found in the token.

Roughness temporal profiles are stored in the destination folder as comma separated value (CSV) files with each row comprising:

  • Measurement time (beginning of the frame),
  • Probability of voicing,
  • Duration of the vocalic segment,
  • Roughness in aspers, and
  • Whether that token is considered creaky or not.

Additional details are given in the paper:

J. Villegas, J. Perkins, and S. J. Lee, “Automatic prediction of creaky voice with psychoacoustic roughness,” J. Acoust. Soc. Am.,(SUBMITTED)

Who do I talk to?

  • Julian Villegas