Mihai Glonț  committed c0f458e

Replaced deprecated ApplicationHolder with Holders.

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File grails-app/conf/spring/resources.groovy

 import grails.util.Environment
+import grails.util.Holders
 import java.util.concurrent.Executors
-import org.codehaus.groovy.grails.commons.ApplicationHolder
 // Place your Spring DSL code here
 beans = {
     xmlns aop: ""
-    def grailsApplication = ApplicationHolder.application
+    def grailsApplication = Holders.grailsApplication
     aop.config {
         // intercept all methods annotated with PostLogging annotation

File src/groovy/net/biomodels/jummp/search/UpdatedRepositoryListener.groovy

 		File location=new File(path)
-		System.out.println("USING ${location} for directory!")
+		System.out.println("USING ${location} for index directory!")
 		//Create instance of Directory where index files will be stored
 		Directory fsDirectory =;
 		/* Create instance of analyzer, which will be used to tokenize