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Modular Framework

This will allow for a different set of features between the various instances, depending on the needs of each institution.

An in-depth discussion about the plugin-infrastructure can be found in Architecture.

We describe the two layers of Jummp and what is relevant to Community developers.


Plugins are a good starting point if you want to contribute to Jummp.

//Here the functionality of the plugins should be discussed. If it gets too long, it should be moved in an own document.//

  • curation and annotation facilities
  • format conversions
  • format specific support (display, ...)
  • tagging/category/label system
  • model of the month (requires new table(s))
  • additional files attachment
  • cross-references management


Sometimes adding a plugin is not a solution, it has to go into the core, because e.g. direct access to database or security is required.

  • secured versioned model storage and retrieval infrastructure generic methods to store and retrieve models, independent of their format generic methods to store and retrieve model metadata (annotations)
  • user management infrastructure (account creation, login, logout, password reset, ...)
  • security layer on top of the database and VCS for accessing the models
  • plugins management (which plugins is present and which features do they provide)

Potential candidates for the core: generic view search (basic and advanced) * tagging system (generic, no list of possible tags)