adamv avatar adamv committed b75bb7d

Removed table-name-spaces patch; this has been accepted into Django proper.

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----	(revision 7508)
-+++	(working copy)
-@@ -18,7 +18,7 @@
-         introspection_module = get_introspection_module()
--        table2model = lambda table_name: table_name.title().replace('_', '')
-+        table2model = lambda table_name: table_name.title().replace('_', '').replace(' ', '')
-         cursor = connection.cursor()
-         yield "# This is an auto-generated Django model module."


-This folder contains any patches needed against Django itself.
+This folder contains any patches that should be applied against Django.
-* Patches inspectdb to handle table names with spaces.
+* As of Django 1.0-beta, there are no patches needed by this back-end.
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