Sewn In Template Login

Creates a log in page at /login/ and manages password recovery and user notification feedback for the log in process. Everything gets managed within your page.php template or page-login.php template in order to fit into the theme better.

By default, this plugin creates a virtual page, but if you add a page with slug 'login', the plugin will begin to use that.

Add a redirect for logged in users

Controls where logged in users go when they login or when they visit the '/login/' page. You can either return the post_id of the post/page to send them to, or the slug of the post/page to send them to.

// Redirect using post id
add_filter( 'sewn_login/logged_in_redirect', 'custom_sewn_logged_in_redirect_id' );
function custom_sewn_logged_in_redirect_id()
    return 4;

```php // Redirect using post slug add_filter( 'sewn_login/logged_in_redirect', 'custom_sewn_logged_in_redirect_slug' ); function custom_sewn_logged_in_redirect_slug() { return 'post-slug'; } '''

Sewn In Notification Box Support

If you install the Sewn In Notification Box, this plugin will start using that. This is handy to keep all of your notifications in a centralized location.