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hg-status-sections is a Mercurial extension. It provides a new command, hg sstatus, as well as a flag for hg status, -s, that list files in groups without a line prefix, like Bazaar does. The idea is to make it possible to triple-click on status lines in terminal to select the whole file name, regardless of what is contained in it.

Obviously if you're working with file names with embedded newlines this doesn't work.

The extension also supports displaying merge status of files.


hg-status-sections has been tested Mercurial 2.4.


hg status -s shows status in sections.

hg sstatus and hg sst do the same.

Adding the option -M or --merge shows merge status.

If you've configured merge status to be always on, you can override it with --no-merge.


$ hg sst


Just store the this directory somewhere and add the following line to [extensions] in your ~/.hgrc:

statussections = ~/Path/to/sections-directory

To configure merge status display to be automatically on, add:

showmerge = True

Any non-blank value for showmerge is considered true.

Author etc

hg-status-sections was written by Juri Pakaste <juri@iki.fi>. See the file sections.py for details on copyright. It's licensed under GNU General Public License, version 2 or later.

It's on the web at http://bitbucket.org/juri/hg-status-sections/src.