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+iPhoto Scripts
+iPhoto is nice. This repository contains AppleScripts that make it nicer.
+Export Geoloc
+Export Geoloc exports the location information stored inside iPhoto's database to the JPEG files themselves. It requires `ExifTool <>`_. The path to the exiftool executable is configured at the top of the script.
+Show Modified iPhoto Files
+When using RAW files, iPhoto's Show File command shows the RAW file, not the JPEG. This script shows the JPEG.
+There is no automatic installation method. These instructions apply to OS X 10.6. 
+#. Download the scripts you want.
+#. Open them with AppleScript Editor.
+#. Select Save As….
+#. Select the Library/Scripts/Applications/iPhoto folder
+#. From the File Format choices pick Application.
+#. Click Save.
+To enable the AppleScript menu on your computer, open AppleScript editor's Preferences and select Show Script menu in menu bar.