Juri Pakaste committed da919ae

Include indentation in the mask function

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     defn = "{0} {{".format(decl)
     lines = [ext_decl, defn]
-    lines.append("NSMutableArray *bits = [NSMutableArray array];")
+    lines.append("  NSMutableArray *bits = [NSMutableArray array];")
     for ev in parsed_enum.values:
-        check = "if (v & {0}) [bits addObject:@\"{0}\"];".format(
+        check = "  if (v & {0}) [bits addObject:@\"{0}\"];".format(
-    lines.append("return [bits componentsJoinedByString:@\" | \"];")
+    lines.append("  return [bits componentsJoinedByString:@\" | \"];")
     return "\n".join(lines)
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