Name Size Uploaded by Downloads Date
Download repository 2.4 MB 249.8 KB jurko 266
suds-jurko-0.6.tar.bz2 140.6 KB jurko 2950 215.4 KB jurko 122
suds-jurko-0.5.tar.bz2 119.3 KB jurko 5879 215.9 KB jurko 74
suds-jurko-0.4.1.jurko.5.tar.bz2 116.3 KB jurko 7549 186.7 KB jurko 372
suds-jurko-0.4.1.jurko.4.tar.bz2 97.8 KB jurko 18552 185.2 KB jurko 22
suds-jurko-0.4.1.jurko.3.tar.bz2 96.6 KB jurko 21949 181.6 KB jurko 10
suds-jurko-0.4.1.jurko.2.tar.bz2 94.1 KB jurko 23027 181.1 KB jurko 4
suds-jurko-0.4.1.jurko.1.tar.bz2 93.6 KB jurko 23040
Tag Commit Date Download
tip 1871530
release-0.6 0fcfff1
release-0.5 51c6af9
release-0.4.1 jurko 5 e897fc8
release-0.4.1 jurko 4 9344775
release-0.4.1 jurko 3 d7bcfea
release-0.4.1 jurko 2 11b3a51
release-0.4.1 jurko 1 81868f6
release-0.3.2 eb924ec
release-0.2 e65baaa
release-0.1.7 e7062fe
Branch Commit Date Download
default 1871530
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