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Ulrich Petri
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The current version on PyPI (0.6) is now nearly two and a half years old and 380+ commits have been made since.

It seems counterproductive to let people continue to use such an old version. It also probably leads to a lot of unnecessary re-reports of already solved issues.

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  1. Jon Black

    I would also like to see a release. Even a release that doesn't resolve as the latest but can at least be installed by specifying the version would help a great deal. Interestingly, Debian Sid is already using this version for python-suds.

  2. Michael Marziani

    @alexhellier I'd love to check out Zeep if it's a true drop-in replacement for suds, but inspection of calls is very important; I use a lot of last_sent() when troubleshooting.

    Has anyone tried to PM the maintainer of suds-jurko?

  3. Alex Hellier

    @Michael Marziani I'm currently shoehorning zeep into an implementation with the Magento API.

    Its going ... ok

    Suds allows you to access objects recovered say but with Zeep I've found I need to use their helper serialize_object and then I can iterate / access items.

  4. Alex Hellier

    @Michael Marziani I've managed to remove Suds from my code, but I am only consuming data form the webservice. I have yet to try posting anything.

    I dont think jurko has been responding to anything for quite some time on here now that I am aware of :(

  5. Michael Marziani

    Thanks again for the info, Alex. I couldn't find a way to PM Jurko, unfortunately. Hopefully someone in the community with the time can fork this and make a release available to PyPI.

  6. Jurko Gospodnetić repo owner

    jurko.gospodnetic at either or or jurkog on Skype. I'm fairly certain I left those contacts around many times in the issues. :-)

    And yeah... unfortunately I've not been able to get any time on suds - none of the contracts I was hoping to use it on turned out to require it, and personal free time got taken over by a now 7 month old daughter and purchasing a new apartment to live in. :-)

    The main thing missing for the release is to restore those last_sent() call and something like it that I removed as a part of my cleanup but people seem to be depending on (it should really be implemented differently to work correctly with plugin modified requests/responses).

    Also I need to install all the various Python environments and run the code in them - I think there were some reports of something not working with the latest Python release.

    So... if nothing else pops up and someone wants to help out - we can try to get it out this weekend.

  7. Michael Marziani

    Hello Jurko and thanks for responding! Congratulations on your new family member and apartment :) I definitely appreciate all the work you've done on this project.

    On the last_sent() and related calls, it was very easy to set these up using the plugin method described here (, so if you feel like that's the right solution it seems fine to re-implement it in this fashion.

    What kind of help do you need to do a release?

  8. Alex Hellier

    There doesn't seem to have been much traction in this , and, as Jurko has said, he doesnt have much time for this project at present (understandable, I have two kids!)

    Is it worth suggesting the following options for the future?

    1. Jurko allows other users to be maintainers of this project so we can get some new releases out?
    2. The more active community on this project fork it to a sud-jurko-community and start adding in all the fixes , features etc, and, if needs be in the future, merge it back in here

    Its a great library and used all over the place (not least in some of Google's adwords libraries etc) but is starting to get a bit stale?

    How do people feel about this?

    @Jurko Gospodnetić @emezeta @Michael Marziani

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