millions of temp files eating my hard drive

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Robert Sussland
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I'm running suds in a long running multi process service that makes tens of thousands of connections each day. Each connection is in a child process that exits on completion of the job, but the temp file is not deleted on exit of either the child or parent process. I'm generating about 10-20GB of temp files/day. The hard drive is filling up with temp files. I've tried everything I can think of to disable the cache.

Forgetting for the moment the issue of temp files not being removed, how do I prevent the creation of the temp files? setting fileCache=None doesn't work, setting cache=None doesn't work. Nothing seems to stop these tribbles from devouring my disk space

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  1. Michael Marziani

    For reference I am using python 3.4 and suds-jurko (0.6) installed using pip3.

    Had the same issue and the most expedient fix for me was to manually patch the file: site-packages/suds/

    add to imports:

    import hashlib

    change this line:

    h = abs(hash(name))


    h = hashlib.md5(name.encode()).hexdigest()

    For me, this fixed the issue. Now there are only 6 cache files and they haven't grown or added in months.

    Thanks, Michael

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