riak / src / riak_test_util.erl

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jus...@basho.com 2f91713 
Bryan Fink dbb0bf1 

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Bryan Fink dbb0bf1 
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Bryan Fink 0b02326 

Bryan Fink dbb0bf1 
jus...@basho.com 2f91713 


standard_backend_test(BackendMod) ->
    {ok, S} = BackendMod:start(42),
    ?assertEqual(ok, BackendMod:put(S,{<<"b1">>,<<"k1">>},<<"v1">>)),
    ?assertEqual(ok, BackendMod:put(S,{<<"b2">>,<<"k2">>},<<"v2">>)),
    ?assertEqual({ok,<<"v2">>}, BackendMod:get(S,{<<"b2">>,<<"k2">>})),
    ?assertEqual({error, notfound}, BackendMod:get(S, {<<"b1">>,<<"k3">>})),
    ?assertEqual([<<"k2">>], BackendMod:list_bucket(S, <<"b2">>)),
    ?assertEqual([<<"k1">>], BackendMod:list_bucket(S, <<"b1">>)),
    ?assertEqual([<<"k1">>], BackendMod:list_bucket(
                               S, {filter, <<"b1">>, fun(_K) -> true end})),
    ?assertEqual([], BackendMod:list_bucket(
                       S, {filter, <<"b1">>, fun(_K) -> false end})),
    BucketList = BackendMod:list_bucket(S, '_'),
    ?assert(lists:member(<<"b1">>, BucketList)),
    ?assert(lists:member(<<"b2">>, BucketList)),
    ?assertEqual(ok, BackendMod:delete(S,{<<"b2">>,<<"k2">>})),
    ?assertEqual({error, notfound}, BackendMod:get(S, {<<"b2">>, <<"k2">>})),
    ?assertEqual([{<<"b1">>, <<"k1">>}], BackendMod:list(S)),
    ok = BackendMod:stop(S).

setup_mockring1() ->
    % requires a running riak_ring_manager, in test-mode is ok
    Ring0 = lists:foldl(fun(_,R) ->
                                 othernode@otherhost, R) end,
    Ring = lists:foldl(fun(_,R) ->
                                 othernode2@otherhost2, R) end,
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