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Rusty Klophaus cae484f 
Rusty Klophaus 248ab44 

Rusty Klophaus c0a2376 
Rusty Klophaus cae484f 
Rusty Klophaus c0a2376 

Rusty Klophaus cae484f 

#!/usr/bin/env bash
# ./ <node> <cookie>
# ./ <node> <cookie> <filename>

# This will join the cluster via the node <node> using the cookie <cookie>
# and optionally log results to filename <filename>.
if [ $# -lt 2 ]; then
    echo Usage: 1>&2
    echo "    Log to console: `basename $0` <node> <cookie>"  1>&2
    echo "    Log to file:    `basename $0` <node> <cookie> <filename>"  1>&2
    exit 1
erl -noshell -pa deps/*/ebin -pa ebin -name riak_logger -setcookie $COOKIE -eval "riak_event_logger:start('$NODE', \"$FILENAME\")."
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