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add standard backend test to fs_backend, and fix bug (buckets weren't decoded to atoms)

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 % @type state() = term().
 -record(state, {dir}).
 decode_bucket(B64) ->
-    list_to_binary(base64:decode_to_string(dirty(B64))).
+    list_to_atom(base64:decode_to_string(dirty(B64))).
 encode_key(Key) ->
 nest(_) ->
+%% Test
+simple_test() ->
+    application:set_env(riak, riak_fs_backend_root,
+                        "test/fs-backend"),
+    ?assertCmd("rm -rf test/fs-backend"),
+    riak_test_util:standard_backend_test(riak_fs_backend).
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