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test max_n and fix a docbug

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 % @doc Return either N or the number of partitions in the ring, whichever
-%      is greater.
+%      is lesser.
 % @spec max_n(N :: integer(), CHash :: chash()) -> integer()
 max_n(N, {NumPartitions, _Nodes}) ->
     CHash = chash:fresh(5, the_node),
     ?assertEqual(true, contains_name(the_node,CHash)),
     ?assertEqual(false, contains_name(some_other_node,CHash)).
+max_n_test() ->
+    CHash = chash:fresh(5, the_node),
+    ?assertEqual(1, max_n(1,CHash)),
+    ?assertEqual(5, max_n(7,CHash)).
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