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+The following people have contributed to Riak:
+Andy Gross
+Justin Sheehy
+Robert Ahrens
+Jeremy Latt
+Bryan Fink
+Ryan Tilder
+John Muellerleile
+Dave Smith
+Christopher Brown
+Tuncer Ayaz


 //   });
 //                 'object':{'text':'a new note'},
 //                 'links':[]},
 //                function(note) {
-//                  alert('new note's key: '+note.key);
+//                  alert("new note's key: "+note.key);
 //                });
 //   Client.walk(['note', '456'],
 //               [{'bucket':'person', 'tag':'author'}],
 //               function(data) {
 //                 var authors = data.results[0];
-//                 alert('note's author is: '+
+//                 alert("note's author is: "+
 //                       authors[0];
 //               });
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