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implement new backend API contract (is_empty, drop, fold) for riak_ets_backend)

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+         is_empty/1, drop/1, fold/3]).
 -export([init/1, handle_call/3, handle_cast/2, handle_info/2,
 	 terminate/2, code_change/3]).
 handle_call({delete,BKey},_From,State) -> {reply, srv_delete(State,BKey),State};
 handle_call(list,_From,State) -> {reply, srv_list(State), State};
 handle_call({list_bucket,Bucket},_From,State) ->
-    {reply, srv_list_bucket(State, Bucket), State}.
+    {reply, srv_list_bucket(State, Bucket), State};
+handle_call(is_empty, _From, State) ->
+    {reply, ets:info(State#state.t) =:= 0, State};
+handle_call(drop, _From, State) -> 
+    ets:delete(State#state.t),
+    {reply, ok, State};
+handle_call({fold, Fun0, Acc}, _From, State) ->
+    Fun = fun({{B,K}, V}, AccIn) -> Fun0({B,K}, V, AccIn) end,
+    ets:foldl(Fun, Acc, State#state.t),
+    {reply, ok, State}.
 % @spec stop(state()) -> ok | {error, Reason :: term()}
 stop(SrvRef) -> gen_server:call(SrvRef,stop).
     MList = ets:match(State#state.t,MatchSpec),
+is_empty(SrvRef) -> gen_server:call(SrvRef, is_empty).
+drop(SrvRef) -> gen_server:call(SrvRef, drop).
+fold(SrvRef, Fun, Acc0) -> gen_server:call(SrvRef, {fold, Fun, Acc0}).
 %% @private
 handle_info(_Msg, State) -> {noreply, State}.
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