Author Commit Message Labels Comments Date
license header in js client
license header in py client
add a local-node logfile facility
Andy Gross
keys *must* be binaries - guard in riak_object + change tests and docs
gossip simplification
Andy Gross
only calculate eventer list on ring changes, not on each event
Andy Gross
longer timeout for riak_client:list_keys()
Andy Gross
fix failing tests where value is updated but not metadata
Andy Gross
ensure use of gen_server2:call/cast
ring reconciliation improvement
factor equality test out to vclock module
add vclock:equal/2
Andy Gross
convert riak_bucketkeys to gen_server2 with fullsweep_after=0
spurious test
default http log location
activate less vnodes
riak 0.2 release notes
reference to release notes in edoc
historial trivial relnotes for first release
remove note
tweak version ref in faq
Bryan Fink
add partition to riak_vnode get/put/delete eventer notifications
adding to the HTTP interface docs
remove unused async put operation
remove mnesia, locking, and spawn
Andy Gross
license for jiak_util
Andy Gross
replace use of ?JIAK_REQUIRED_PROPS macro to use the jiak_required_props() function
Andy Gross
jiak_util and fix for sibling merge with dynamic json buckets
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