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Adding js_vm_count and js_source_dir to configuration parameters

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 * Overview
   This document is a guide for people who want to run Riak.  It
   discusses [[Downloading%20Riak][downloading]], [[Installation][installing]], [[Configuration][configuring]], and [[Running%20Riak][running]] Riak, as
   well as basic [[Client%20Interaction][client interaction]].
 * Downloading Riak
   Riak can be downloaded as a pre-built, binary release for many
   popular platforms, or as source code, ready to build on most
   platforms supporting [[][Erlang]] releases R13B03 and later.
 ** Source Releases
 *** Prerequisites
     To build Riak from source, you will need Erlang/OTP version R13B03
     or later installed.  Erlang is available at [[]].
     Compiled src/slide.erl
     (The =...snipped...= lines represent several lines of similar
     output, removed for display in this document.)
 *** Creating the Release
     Riak's command line scripts expect the object files and their
     dependencies to be packaged into an Erlang release.  To create
     this release, simply run =make rel= in the top-level source
     $ make rel
-    ./rebar compile generate 
+    ./rebar compile generate
     ==> mochiweb (compile)
     ==> webmachine (compile)
     ==> riak (compile)
 ** TODO Capacity Planning
 ** TODO OS Configuration  (noatime, separate disks, max fds, ...)
 ** vm.args
    Parameters for the Erlang node on which Riak runs are set in the
    =vm.args= file in the =etc= directory of the embedded Erlang node.
    Most of these settings can be left at their defaults until you are
 *** List of Riak Configuration Variables
-#+COMMENT TODO figure out verbatim escaping: ="blah"= 
+#+COMMENT TODO figure out verbatim escaping: ="blah"=
     + =ring_state_dir= :: the directory on-disk in which to store the
          ring state (default: ="data/dets"=)
          Properties in this list will override the hardcoded defaults
          in riak_bucket:defaults/0.  This setting is the best way to
          set things like:
          - the default N-value for Riak objects (=n_val=)
          - whether or not siblings are allowed (=allow_mult=)
          - the function for extracting links from objects (=linkfun=)
     + =riak_stat= :: enable the statistics-aggregator (default: false)
+    + =js_vm_count= :: how many Javascript virtual machines to start (default: 8)
+    + =js_source_dir= :: where to load user-defined built in Javascript functions (default: unset)
 ** Rebar Overlays
    If you are going to be rebuilding Riak often, you will want to edit
    See [[Client Errors]] for help with error messages from this script.
 ** Shutting down a node
    Stopping a Riak node can be done at any time, simply by running
    =bin/riak stop=:
 : (riak@> erlang:get_cookie().
 : riak
       That cookie should match the cookie in =etc/vm.args=.  The
       =bin/riak= and =bin/riak-admin= scripts should be using the same
 *** TODO riak-admin test errors