riak / src / riak_backup.erl

Diff from to


     [backup_vnode(VNode) ||  VNode <- VNodes].
 backup_vnode(_VNode = {_Index, VNodePid}) ->
-    List = gen_server2:call(VNodePid,list),
+    {ok, List} = gen_fsm:sync_send_event(VNodePid, list),
     [backup_key(VNodePid, Bucket, Key) || {Bucket, Key} <- List].
 backup_key(VNodePid, Bucket, Key) ->
-    {ok, B} = gen_server2:call(VNodePid, {get_binary, {Bucket, Key}}),
+    {ok, B} = gen_fsm:sync_send_event(VNodePid, {get_binary, {Bucket, Key}}),
     ok = dets:insert(?TABLE, [{{Bucket,Key}, B}]).
 %%% RESTORE %%%
 %% @doc
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