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File src/riak_web.erl

 %%</dd><dt> jiak_name
 %%</dt><dd>   the base path under which Jiak should be exposed;
 %%            defaulted to "jiak"
+%%</dd><dt> raw_name
+%%</dt><dd>   the base path under which the raw_http_resource
+%%            should be exposed; defaulted to "raw"
 dispatch_table() ->
     JiakProps = jiak_props(),
+    RawProps = raw_props(),
     [{[proplists:get_value(jiak_name, JiakProps),bucket],
       [{key_type, container}|JiakProps]},
       [{key_type, item}|JiakProps]},
      {[proplists:get_value(jiak_name, JiakProps),bucket,key,'*'],
-      jaywalker_resource,JiakProps}].
+      jaywalker_resource,JiakProps},
+     {[proplists:get_value(prefix, RawProps),bucket],
+      raw_http_resource,RawProps},
+     {[proplists:get_value(prefix, RawProps),bucket,key],
+      raw_http_resource, RawProps},
+     {[proplists:get_value(prefix, RawProps),bucket,key,'*'],
+      raw_link_walker_resource, RawProps}].
 jiak_props() ->
     [{jiak_name, riak:get_app_env(jiak_name, "jiak")},
      {riak_local, true},
      {jiak_buckets, [jiak_example]}].
+raw_props() ->
+    [{prefix, riak:get_app_env(raw_name, "raw")},
+     {riak, local}].