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riak / src / riak_ets_backend.erl

Author Commit Message Date Builds
Bryan Fink
bucket names are now binaries, instead of atoms
John Muellerleile
Added functions riak_client:filter_keys and riak_client:list_buckets; updated ets, dets, osmos & fs backends to support them.
Bryan Fink
improve backend simple_test (bucket-key usage, and list-keys tests), and abstract to utility module
Bryan Fink
dialyzer: ets:delete/1,2 and ets:insert/2 only ever return 'true' (they raise exception/error otherwise)
Bryan Fink
backends now store under {Bucket,Key} instead of hashed "Storekey" only ets backend is converted, as of this commit
Bryan Fink
replace riak_bucketkeys with asking vnodes to return a list of the bucket-keys they have stored only the ets backend implements the necessary bits as of this commit