riak / src / riak_ring.erl

Author Commit Message Date Builds
Rusty Klophaus
Finish switching riak_backup to work locally, clean up code, and add comments.
Rusty Klophaus
Bryan Fink
convert bucket data in ringstate from atom to binary names (so that you can keep your bucket metadata across the pre-0.5->post-0.5 transition boundary)
disambiguate uses of "ring" for inner and outer structure
Rusty Klophaus
Simplify ring metadata to use an outer dictionary and an inner record instead of two dictionaries.
fix filtered_preflist when small number of nodes
more ring tests
preflist test
test up the ring
imported patch removal of riak_api intermediary
assume ring-sending party is older when both vclocks are null
gossip simplification
ring reconciliation improvement