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Author Commit Message Date Builds
Rusty Klophaus
Get rid of ip/doorbell/cookie connection scheme, use distributed Erlang. [#64]
Rusty Klophaus
Combine riak_connect and riak_ring_gossiper, converting riak_ring_gossiper to a gen_server in the process.
Rusty Klophaus
Make eventers use simple Erlang messaging (remove gen_events) [#27]
imported patch removal of riak_api intermediary
Andy Gross
OTP-ification: use module lists instead of "dynamic" in child specs for the obvious processes
Bryan Fink
replace riak_bucketkeys with asking vnodes to return a list of the bucket-keys they have stored only the ets backend implements the necessary bits as of this commit
add a local-node logfile facility If the riak env variable 'riak_local_logfile' is set, then all events generated on this node will also be logged out to the file named by the string in that variable. Note that this is discouraged for production use, as the I/O load generated by writing all of the events (there are many) will compete with the core data storage I/O needs of Riak.