riak / src / riak_put_fsm.erl

Author Commit Message Labels Comments Date
Default avatar justin
moving vclock pruning from FSM into vclock module and pushing it to backend-storage time
Default avatar Rusty Klophaus
Speed up puts.
Default avatar
[mq]: parameterized chash keying
Default avatar
unique ids for client requests prevent mixing
Default avatar Bryan Fink
bucket names are now binaries, instead of atoms
Default avatar
basic vtag test
Default avatar
test vclock pruning
Default avatar
imported patch removal of riak_api intermediary
Default avatar
defer initialization work in core fsms
Default avatar Bryan Fink
backends now store under {Bucket,Key} instead of hashed "Storekey"
Default avatar Bryan Fink
replace riak_bucketkeys with asking vnodes to return a list of the bucket-keys they have stored
Default avatar Andy Gross
ensure use of gen_server2:call/cast
Default avatar justin
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