riak / src / jiak_resource.erl

Author Commit Message Labels Comments Date
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[mq]: link-header
Default avatar Andy Gross
keys *must* be binaries - guard in riak_object + change tests and docs
Default avatar Andy Gross
jiak_util and fix for sibling merge with dynamic json buckets
Default avatar Andy Gross
update @docs in jiak_resource with documentation on bucket-schema PUT requests
Default avatar
improved JSON schema upload
Default avatar Andy Gross
@docs for jiak_resource:service_available
Default avatar Bryan Fink
apply the read mask in results returned from jaywalker
Default avatar Andy Gross
Allow PUT to /jiak/<bucketname> to define bucket parameters. Expects a JSON object with one top-level key called "schema", which is a JSON object with the following fields (all lists):
Default avatar justin
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