riak / config / riak.erlenv

Author Commit Message Labels Comments Date
Andy Gross
get rid of doorbell_port in configuration files and docs, delete riak_doorbell.erl
Bryan Fink
"raw" HTTP resource - store and serve whatever kind of data you want read doc/raw-http-howto.txt for an introduction
Bryan Fink
revert my testing changes to riak.erlenv
Bryan Fink
fallback to default chash function if chash_keyfun bucket property is not set chash_keyfun will not be set in ringstates carried over from riak-0.5 clusters
documenting the configuration variables
Andy Gross
add notes to config files about setting ulimits properly for large ring sizes
Andy Gross
use dets backend for riak.erlenv, and ets backend for riak-demo.erlenv
useful default for jaywalking
turn on jiak by default