riak / scripts / run_tests.escript

Author Commit Message Date Builds
Kevin Smith
Tweaks to unit test script to discover and run more tests
Bryan Fink
spell 'analyzing' properly
Andy Gross
exclude some external modules from testing
mockable servers, and a test in riak_bucket
Bryan Fink
organization: keep module list creation contiguous
mock ring for easier testing of FSMs, etc
Bryan Fink
enable 'cover' while running tests, and store analysis in test/cover/ this does some kind of hackish things with os:cmd and grep that could probably be cleaner a flag to "make test" to disable cover might be a good idea
Bryan Fink
revert to module list, so *_tests modules aren't put in the test list
Bryan Fink
use eunit's built-in {application, App} test primitive, instead of building the list of modules manually
Bryan Fink
"test" make target, runs eunit on all modules named in output is teed to test.log